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We help e-commerce projects to be in a good shape
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Are you planning to launch an e-commerce b2c project, private b2b customer account or other e-commerce initiative related to online-sales?
Do you have uncertainty with a strategy on the start? Don't you have a clear action plan? Too many questions on a budget?
No head of e-commerce or willing to double-check someone's' hypothesis?
Do you need third-party review on what your team had done? Or do you require to verify your contractors' work: web developers, digital agencies, fulfillment?
May we help to find a team of e-commerce professionals for your project?
Are you interested in team education and development?
Or you just have a question on e-commerce and could not find the right answer on the conferences, courses or other events.
we help e-commerce projects to be in a good shape
e-c-f was founded in 2012. The company's experts are engaged in accompaniment of e-commerce projects, on the whole range of tasks from launching e-commerce projects and optimization of all business processes to building and training e-commerce teams and departments within organizations.
In 2016, we restarted the format of customer service based on experience we have.
Why e-c-f
We find a lot of in common between what makes a fitness instructor in the gym, and we - in business projects.

All our experts are professionals to help the company and its employees obtain skills in e-commerce and to carry out all the tasks within the framework of e-commerce project without an error.

Our main principle
Our client is quickly able to perform all the tasks with it's e-commerce project, so we can help you find employees and contractors, organize their productive work,
share knowledge and experience to you and your staff.
What we offer
we help e-commerce projects to be in a good shape
The launch of e-commerce projects
We help to launch and relaunch e-commerce projects: online-sales B2C, B2B, omni-channel.
The comprehensive review
Search for points of growth, operating audits
online sales B2C, B2B, omni-channel.
The e-commerce coaching
When there is always the expert to ask a question on the online-sales B2C, B2B, omni-channel.
For foreign companies in Russia
Enter-the-market strategy, project execution, localization, building and training e-commerce teams and departments.
The time limited projects
A strategic session, fulfillment model, forming e-commerce teams, training and education, setting-up analytics, and other projects.
We organize corporate courses, individual and group training for top-managers and line staff.
The way we work
At the heart of the work - the method of active learning. Education and obtaining the necessary competencies in e-commerce you and your organization get directly in the process. This approach allows you to get the most out of the project and to understand all the details of your project and effectively on their own to develop the project.
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All our experts have considerable knowledge and experience in real e-commerce projects.
We constantly monitor the market for e-commerce and all trends and practices.
Our entire experience was systematized in practical materials, available to our clients.
We do not come up with new rules of work, we work according to accepted procedures in various sectors and is constantly present in our work for the world's existing standards.
If you stick to the same standards as our cooperation will be even more efficient and productive.
We are not it-guys but we know how it works for the business needs
Core team
Ruslan Ishmametov,
Specialization: omni-channel,
B2B e-commerce, complex projects, digital marketing.
Projects: METRO Cash & Carry, TechnoNicol, TESLI.
Efim Aldukhov
Managing partner
Specialization: B2C e-commerce,
digital marketing, HR,
contractors' tender processes.
Projects: Enter, Izobility, Samsonite, Drugie podarki.
Sergei Vlasov
Specialization: general management, strategic sessions, project management,
research and analytics.
Ex- Head of analytics group at KPMG

Yuriy Filatov
Specialization: agile, CJM, user experience, product management, digital-marketing.
Projects: Alfa Bank, Сonfael, National Credit, InMyRoom.ru.
Our experts
For projects we can create temporary team of the best experts in the industry. Now we partner with more than 50 experts in a completely different areas: finances, logistics, warehouse logistics, collection of payments, customer service, CRM, marketing, analytics, as well as experts in various branches of OMNI-channel commerce.
This approach allows us to gather the best expertise, attracting practitioners and to maintain reasonable prices.
Our clients
Murashov D.S.
CEO, founder, tesli.com
During the project Tesli24 our company faced with lot's of difficulties, which was resolved thanks to the coordinated work of the team Tesli and Ruslan. Ruslan is an experienced manager at ecommerce! He has practical experience in the implementation of challenging and diverse projects in the field of e-commerce.
We are grateful for his support of our company in the implementation of the project Tesli24 and serious contribution to the development of our business!
Reference letter, pdf (260 kb)

Rybakov I.V.
Ruslan was invited to the company to run the project 1Platforma.ru - a platform for search, selection and purchase of building materials, tools and other goods DIY. Despite the fact that the project had a lot of difficulties after two quite unsuccessful launches, Ruslan managed to set up systematic work on the project. During this period the project started selling online, business processes and cross-functional interaction have been set up and operation of Internet marketing team. I can recommend Ruslan as the head of e-commerce projects especially in the stages of starting and restarting the e-commerce projects.
Marco Merkx
Head of E-commerce,
We had a very smooth e-commerce launch at MCC Rus from IT and online marketing perspective. Ruslan gave a great support on webshop ux and functionality, content management, Hybris CMS knowledge sharing and local digital and omni-channel marketing strategy.
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